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Honolulu DUI Defense Attorney

Legal Counsel from a Hawaii DUI Lawyer

Charged with DUI or OVUII in Honolulu? You may be facing criminal, administrative, and personal penalties. Not only could you face jail time, fines, increased insurance premiums and a driver's license suspension, but your reputation and relationships could take a hit from a DUI conviction.

You cannot afford to plead guilty. You need to work with a hard-hitting DUI defense attorney to get the most out of your case. At The Law Office of Kevin O'Grady, LLC you can depend on receiving thorough, tireless defense.

Why trust my Honolulu DUI firm? Consider this:

At my firm, you can find vigorous advocacy that is backed by 19 years of legal experience. With the insights I have gained as both a former deputy prosecutor and a senior military prosecutor, you can rest assured that I am fully aware of all the prosecution's tactics. I will not relent until your rights are fully respected and protected.

Discover how we can fight for your freedom! Call my firm today for honest, straightforward counsel.

Understanding the Cost of a DUI Conviction

If this is the first DUI or OVUII charge you are facing in Hawaii, it's possible you may be able to avoid jail time, but you could be:

  • Fined up to $1,000
  • Lose your driver's license for a year or more
  • Live with a permanent criminal record, potentially derailing your career

Not only that, but a DUI can also negatively affect your auto insurance rates. While an average car insurance policy in Hawaii might be slightly over $1,000 a year, your new rate after a DUI conviction can increase to almost $1,800[1].

Types of DUI Charges

Any DUI charge is a serious matter. When you are up against the far-reaching penalties for a DUI in Hawaii, you can find the skilled advocacy you need at my firm. No matter how complex your DUI charges are, let me provide you with a resilient defense.

From start to finish, I can fight for you in matters such as:

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Starting with a free initial case review, I can tell you what you need to hear about your case, down to the details of the legal avenues available to you. As the case progresses, I will work to keep you informed. I care deeply about my clients' freedom and future. From ADLRO hearings to felony DUI defense trials, I am dedicated to preserving your every legal right.

Find help from a Honolulu DUI attorney when you need it. Contact The Law Office of Kevin O'Grady to schedule your free consultation!

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