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Honolulu Deportation Defense Lawyer

Let Our Experienced Attorney Help

The prospect of deportation can be a terrifying one, whether an immigrant is a permanent legal resident or undocumented. In 2015, the United States removed 462,463 immigrants from the country and detained another 33,000. If your family is in the United States, you may not be able to afford to leave them. Let our experienced deportation defense attorney help. At The Law Office of Kevin O’Grady, LLC, we can assist you in your case.

What we offer:

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Our founding attorney, Kevin O’Grady, is backed by 19 years of legal experience. Let him put that to work for you. As a former deputy prosecutor, he is knowledgeable of the prosecution’s tactics. He is also tenacious in his representation and will not give up until your rights are fully protected and respected.

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Understanding Deportation

Removal happens when the federal government removes an immigrant from the United States for violations of a number of immigration or criminal laws. It’s a legal proceeding, and you do have certain rights before being removed from the country, including the right to challenge the removal.

Who Can Be Deported?

Any immigrant is subject to deportation if he or she commits crimes that violate the laws of his or her stay in the United States. The government might deport you if you:

  • Were initially inadmissible to the country and came anyway
  • Are present in the country in violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act or another U.S. law
  • Violated nonimmigrant status or a condition of entry
  • Encouraged or helped another immigrant enter the United States illegally
  • Committed marriage fraud
  • Were convicted of certain criminal offenses
  • Failed to register or falsified documents to enter the country
  • Endangered public safety
  • Created a national security risk
  • Unlawfully voted

Notice to Appear

Those who the government decides to deport will receive a Notice to Appear (NTA). It will be issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and will be served to you and filed with the immigration court. In addition to your name, it will have general information about the reason for deportation or removal.


At your hearing, an immigration judge will ask you to verify the contents of the NTA. He or she will then determine whether the NTA is correct and whether or not you are deportable. During this hearing, you will have the opportunity to ask for any relief from deportation.

Why an Attorney Is Vital

An attorney can assist you with building your case and will present your case in an organized and logical way in court. Lawyers are experienced with arguing logically and with legal terminology, which most untrained people are incapable of doing. The court will not make allowances for your ignorance in legal language, immigration law, or court proceedings. An experienced immigration attorney can help guide you through the process. You are entitled to a lawyer, but the government will also not provide you with one. You will have to find one on your own. Make sure you make the best choice for your future.

Contact us today. Tell us about your situation and let our experienced Honolulu deportation defense attorney assist with your case and fight for your freedom.

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